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ENES 100 Teaching Fellows Program

fellows-programThe ENES 100 Teaching Fellows Program provides student-to-student mentoring for new engineering students and teaching experience for upper level engineering students. See ENES 100 job description.

Advanced Teaching Fellows

ENES 100 Advanced Teaching Fellows are students who have completed one or more semesters as a Teaching Fellow for ENES 100 in a previous academic year. See ENES 100 advanced job description.

How to Apply

See ENES 100 Teaching Fellow Application Materials.

Keystone Teaching Fellows Program

An undergraduate teaching fellow (TF) position is available for assisting with ENES courses as part of the Keystone Program at the University of Maryland.

The Keystone Program is dedicated to teaching excellence in the fundamental engineering courses which are required by most freshman and sophomore students in the College of Engineering. The goal is to improve student retention and graduation rates by ensuring that students receive the best learning experience during their early, formative stages.

This position specifically refers to the courses:

  • ENES 102 – Mechanics I
  • ENES 220 – Mechanics II
  • ENES 221 – Dynamics
  • ENES 232 – Thermodynamics or
  • BIOE 120 – Biology for Engineers

How to Apply

See the Keystone Teaching Fellow Job Description

Contact Information

Nelpe P. Wachsman
ENGR-A. James Clark School of Engineering
Keystone Program
2108 J.M. Patterson Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742