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Introduction to Engineering Design (ENES 100)


Introduction to Engineering Design is a required course for all first-year engineering students. It is the only course in the Clark School that is taken by all engineering students from all disciplines. This course is offered during the fall and spring semesters.

ENES 100 is a project-based course that requires students to work in teams to develop a complex and multidisciplinary product. Students must apply engineering principles, computer software tools, and technical communication skills to meet all of the product performance and project reporting requirements.

For Spring 2014, we will be offering a limited number of seats for non-engineering students in ENES100. More information can be found on our Keystone Courses page.

The current implementation of ENES 100 requires students to design, build and test an autonomous hovercraft capable of meeting a set of very challenging product specifications. Students in all sections receive the same set of product specifications on the first day of class and compete in a final design competition on the last day of class. The current project is extremely challenging and requires the successful design and integration of structural, levitation, propulsion, power, sensors and controls sub-systems.

A few student comments after completing ENES 100

  • “Taking this class, made me feel like an engineer. I was able to be hands on and create.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this class and how things were run. I could not have asked for a better first experience in the engineering school.”
  • “Having the industry experts come in and talk to the class during Friday lectures was absolutely amazing! I will never forget such quotes as “Engineers can kill people wholesale.” The real world applications of engineering gave us thoughts of higher purposes and expectations of our education upon which to sleep, perchance to dream.”